Privacy Policy for CustomerLink website and apps

The CustomerLink suite of products provide a shopping experience for customers who have an existing business relationship with the vendor. In fulfilling that experience, certain information may be collected and utilized.

What information is collected?

In some cases, CustomerLink may also be configured to collect additional information in order to establish a new business relationship between the user and the vendor. The required information is clearly marked and expressely requested - it is not collected passively without the user's consent.

How do you protect my payment information?

Your payment information is never stored on the vendor's system. It is passed to a PCI-compliant payment processor and stored there. The vendor associates a unique identifier with your online shopping account and references that identifier when handling payments.

What is the collected information used for?

The information collected is used solely to provide a shopping experience for the user, and to accept and fulfill orders.

Is the collected information shared with third parties?

Payment information is shared with a payment processor, for the sole purpose of facilitating payments. All other information is used solely by the vendor and is not shared with third parties.

Last updated December 11, 2019